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Brace yourselves,  type-A, spreadsheet-loving, think-of-everything planners friends! I say this with lots of love and understanding, but things will sometimes go differently on your wedding day than you’ve imagined and THAT’S OKAY! I know that can cause a lot of anxiety, but the truth is that no wedding goes 100% as planned, but often times that leaves space for a better flow of the day. Different can be MAGICAL- trust me!

There are many things that you can do to keep things from actually going “wrong” on your wedding day. One is proper planning, and the second is attitude.



It’s hard for things to go differently (and harder still for them to go wrong) if you’ve planned for different scenarios- Plan A, B, C, etc.

Thinking through the potential hiccups before your wedding week gives you enough time to prepare and make plans for them. Your rain plan may not be as exciting as your outdoor ceremony vision, but are there elements you can work into it, or photo opportunities later in the day where you can still get those epic ceremony shots, just a little differently than you’ve imagined.
Of course, it’s also critical to hire reliable, reputable vendors that communicate openly and often. You may not be able to control the weather, (but damn, do we wish we could!) but you can control who is on your vendor team.
For the day itself, if you have someone on your side who asks the questions you wouldn’t think to ask, finds solutions for different outcomes, and is resourceful in the moment, you don’t have to worry about the potential disasters or even the minor details. Delegate the stress, worry, and obsessing to someone who tackles problems for a living, and thrives finding creative solutions- i.e. our team!

You want to be able to relax on your wedding day. With the right planner, you may not even know things were headed down that wrong path; they should be handled before you even hear about them- hopefully the next day!




A wedding has many elements- wedding party, guests, vendors, and venues.

As the two guests of honor, being upset is the worst thing you can be as hosts. Your guests will follow your lead- whether that means you are joyfully breaking it down on the dance floor or if you are sulking over the DJ playing your favorite song while you were in the bathroom. 

If something doesn’t go according to plan- seek out your planner (most of the time we can help!), acknowledge your disappointment, and remember that sometimes things go differently than you expect. Also, please remember that even as planners, we aren’t mind readers! We will try our best to anticipate your every need, but if the music is too loud (for you) during dinner or you’d prefer a pinot noir to the chambourcin you’ve been served- just let us know and we will do everything we can to fix it.
Maybe it is something big, or it could be something smaller, like your bouquet isn’t exactly as you envisioned it. Is it still stunning? Appreciating the differences for what they are, rather than stressing about what could have been, makes a huge difference to your overall experience.

After lovingly and carefully planning your wedding, so many elements will be just as you imagined, and many more will be beyond your wildest dreams. Trust me when I say- we want your wedding to be exactly as you’ve planned, but we also want you to go into your wedding day with the tools and the understanding to make sure you have the best experience possible. Things might go differently. And it will be wonderful.

Want to make sure things go to plan? Of course, it can feel overwhelming to think through every possible scenario ahead of time, but don’t worry: that’s my job, not yours. Our team help couples think through questions and find solutions to any potential hiccups way in advance of the big day- we make the plans so you can focus all your energy on having the best day ever.


Be in the moment with your partner, your family that has flown in from across the country, and your best friends from high school. Soak in every precious moment of the big day- because it goes fast! I’ll be there with an emergency kit ready to pass out an Advil to your aunt, bobby pins to your best friend, and help your grandparents find the closest restroom.