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Planning a wedding can be wonderful- but also challenging! They can involve multiple events, wedding parties to manage, a TON of logistics- then add on the endless new trends, tricky family dynamics, and the seemingly endless vendor emails – it can be hard to relax.


It is NORMAL to feel overwhelmed, but I have some ways to reduce the wedding planning overwhelm and cut back on stress!


1. Create a wedding-only email address

Make a shared G-mail account for you and your partner and use it when you inquire and communicate with vendors. You are able to keep all emails in one place and it is less likely you will miss something important.
Also remember to check your spam folder! Many vendors use Client Management Systems like Honeybook, Aisle Planner, and Dubsado and emails from those systems could end up buried in the spam abyss.

2. Choose one vendor a week to focus on

Choose one vendor and reach out to a few that you love- try to narrow it down to your top 3-4 vendors so you don’t get overwhelmed. Reach out and inquiry through their website, set up a time to chat, read reviews and ask questions, and look to make a decision a week or so after you see a proposal. The entire process for most vendors should take about 2 weeks- some vendors, like catering and florals, take more time to write proposals, so give them extra time.

3. Designate time each week for interruption-free planning time


Set aside specific planning time so that you don’t feel like it is taking over your life. This can be challenging- especially if you don’t have a planner and have to handle all the vendor calls, making it harder to control your schedule, but having one time a week where you sit down with your partner and make decisions can be very helpful.

Need some help planning? One of the best parts about having a wedding planner is they do all that initial research for you and take on a good amount of the stress so you can focus on more things that bring you joy. We can help you assemble a fantastic vendor team that fits your vibe and vision, create an inspiration board to help you select florals and rentals, and guide you to making the best decisions for you and your partner as your plan the best day ever!