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Your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable occasions in your life, and the photos will last a lifetime. Hiring a hair and makeup pro (also known as an HMUA) that’s skilled in the style you’re going for (and your skin tone, eye shape, etc.) can give you the confidence to absolutely rock your wedding day!

Let’s make finding the perfect artist a simple process- here are some tips!


The best artists in the DMV book up months and months (and sometimes well over a year) in advance. We recommend starting your search as soon as you book your venue so you have your pick of all of the best artists!


Your wedding planner, photographer, venue, and the rest of your vendor team have their favorite artists and teams they love to work with. Nothing beats a solid recommendation or referral from your vendors, friends and family- they will give you their honest feedback and chances are you’ve seen their work at a wedding before.


Did you find a makeup artist in Instagram that you love? That’s great! Now you need to make sure they are legit and will provide a great service. Google them, read reviews, see which other vendors tagged them- make sure they are the real deal. If you hired a planner we can help with the process!


Before you start connecting with potential HMUAs, do research and gather inspiration for your desired look. For the most part, you’ll know what your preferred style is- natural, glam, Hollywood waves, sleek pony- look for artists that can meet that vision. Keep in mind when you are looking through the dozens of Pinterest images MANY of those looks are achieved by adding a significant amount of extensions. They’ll also want to know what your hair and skin are like so they can best style you- does your hair hold a curl well? Are you considering trying a new hair color close to the wedding?

As you’re narrowing down your list of HMUAs to reach out to, review their portfolio to get a sense of their style and expertise. Look for consistency in their work and check if they have experience with wedding hair and makeup specifically.


Not every hair and makeup team has the range in their portfolio that show a variety of hair textures and skin tones. Be mindful of the people in your wedding party and choose a team that can meet all of their needs so they also feel comfortable on the big day. Before you start reaching out to the artists, chat with your wedding party about whether or not they want services, determine who will be paying (will it be them or will you offer it as a gift?), and ask about their comfort level with the average pricing in the area.


As you narrow down your list and review the availability of your remaining options, share your inspiration images with your top HMUA choices, and be sure to ask for their advice and suggestions. They’re the experts! Their responses might also help you narrow in on the one artist you want to go with- and remember that a quality HMUA is going to be worth their weight in gold!

The artists you reach out to will want to know how many services you need and some will even allow you to have a trial prior to booking.


Reach out if you want our carefully curated list of HMUA recommendations that will absolutely rock your wedding day!