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We are HUGE animal lovers and are so excited to help you include your best friend on your big day- whether they are there in spirit or they are walking you down the aisle! There are so many ways to incorporate them-here’s some inspo:

THE CEREMONY: If your venue allows it, have your pup walk down the aisle with you or someone in the wedding party- just make sure it is someone that they are familiar with. We highly recommend hiring a pet service that will handle your pup on the wedding day so you and your family don’t need to worry about the logistics (where they will be during cocktail hour, who will feed them, make sure they get back home safely).


JUST FOR THE PHOTOS: If you can’t have them there for the ceremony, try setting up your first look with them at home or have a trusted friend or neighbor bring them to your getting ready space. This way you can still have a special moment, but it is a lot calmed than them joining the ceremony.

If you can’t have your pet join you in person, there are still so many cute ways to include them in the wedding day!
SIGNAGE: Add photos of them to your welcome sign, create a signature drink in their honor, or add their cute face to custom cocktail napkins.
CUT OUTS: Blow up your pets face and use them as props for your photo booth and toss them on the dance floor- your guests will LOVE it!
  1. Signs: Can’t have them there in person? No problem! Let’s include a photo of them on various signs, such as a signature drink sign or a custom napkin. Guests love this!
  2. Invitations: We adore seeing doggies in the invites! Some couples opt to include their furbaby on the invitation itself which is a fun lighthearted way to kick off your wedding vibe!
  3. Dance party: This one is a bit unique but people absolutely love it! Blow up your dogs face + have that as a dancing prop throughout the night… so fun!

We hope these ideas inspire you to include your pet on the big day!  Need more inspo? Reach out and let’s set up a time to chat about the big day!