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You’re engaged- congratulations! You are about to embark on this crazy journey known as wedding planning! A constant reminder of your new status is that gorgeous sparkler on your left hand.

You are going to be wearing your ring A LOT, so to help you keep that rock as gorgeous as the first time you saw it, here are 3 ways to protect your engagement ring!


Whether you are singing the Taylor Swift song as you do it, doesn’t matter, just take it off and put it in a safe place! I know it doesn’t sound super fun, or romantic, but your hands do so much every day and taking it off during certain activities is essential to keeping your ring safe.

You should remove your ring in the following situations:

  • Every night before bed. Your hair, or even the fibers on your comforter, can catch on the prongs and loosen your setting.
  • Before washing your face, showering or bathing/swimming. Soap and shampoo can creep into hard to clean crevasses in your setting, making your ring look lackluster. Buildup of grime can weaken the tightness of your prongs, in addition to dulling the shine of your diamond or precious stone. Both chlorine and hot tub temperatures can be damaging and cause discoloration to your band. ANY liquids, (including water!) can impact the shine of a diamond or stone.
  • Before cooking and doing dishes. Keep your ring in a safe place in your bedroom (please do NOT put it in a little dish by the sink!) while you are cooking or cleaning.
  • When applying lotions. For all the reasons mentioned already, take a quick second to slip it off before applying hand or body lotion, sunscreens, make-up, self-tanner or before getting a manicure (especially if they use an exfoliating scrub)!

Pro-Tip: Make a habit of taking off your ring when you get home so you don’t have to worry about all of the situations mentioned!


Washing your ring every few weeks should be a normal part of your routine. Obviously, you want that sparkler to blind the room when you show it off, but cleaning your ring on a regular basis also helps keep the setting strong and free of buildup.

I like to visit my jeweler every 6 months to get my ring checked and cleaned-this can also help with your insurance!

Pro-tip: Queen Elizabeth swears by this trick! If you’re in a bind, or forgot to get your ring cleaned before your big day, soak your ring in vodka or gin. It sounds strange but it really works!


Get it insured right within the week you receive it.  Your jeweler should be able to recommend a few places to purchase insurance from. Make sure you receive an appraisal from your jeweler to make the process quicker!

Getting engaged is a BIG deal and flashing your engagement ring is part of the fun! But, don’t forget your newly betrothed made a huge investment on your stunner. Be smart, keep in mind these tips and treat it like the very fine piece of jewelry that it is. Stare at that sparkler every time you get stressed with planning…I promise it helps put things into perspective!